Taking good care of you and your needs.

Amy Yang
Phone: 651-203-4230
Email: Amy@galowitzolson.com

Kari McKeague
Kari, our receptionist, enjoys the unique responsibility of making a good first impression for the firm both in person and while answering and routing calls. She also provides excellent administrative support. 
Phone: (651) 777-6960
Email: Kari@galowitzolson.com

Marie Van Hout
Marie has worked in accounting her entire career and thoroughly enjoys it. In her free time, Marie enjoys golfing, gardening and spending time at her cabin.
Phone: 651-203-4228
Email: Marie@galowitzolson.com

Mary Radke
Serves our clients with her experience in family law.
Phone: 651-342-1856
Email: Mary@galowitzolson.com

Maura Severin
Maura serves our clients with her expertise in estate planning, family law, criminal prosecution, civil litigation and real estate law.
Phone: 651-203-4225
Email: Maura@galowitzolson.com

Nancy Olson
Nancy has specialized in the area of family law since 1996. She finds it rewarding to work closely with our clients, not only to achieve a resolution, but to be a supportive and positive presence.
Phone: 651-203-4224
Email: Nancy@galowitzolson.com

Tami Orput
Phone: 651-342-1854
Email: Tami@galowitzolson.com

Vicky Morine
Vicky assists our clients and attorneys in the area of real estate law.
Phone: 651-203-4223
Email: Vicky@galowitzolson.com