Advocating for your best interests. Working for amicable resolutions.

Family law-related disputes are some of life’s most difficult situations. Legal issues involving your children, home, finances and personal life are stressful and emotionally trying. At GalowitzOlson, we have the knowledge, experience and compassion to guide you through this difficult time. We develop genuine relationships with our clients and act in a manner that is calm and deliberate, while assertively protecting your rights. 

You will feel confident with our attorneys who are collaborative and fair, yet appropriately aggressive. Our approach is to treat everyone involved fairly and respectfully; develop creative outcomes that are tailored to the individual client and the needs of their family; and to come to a complete resolution that closes one chapter to open the next.


Solutions tailored to you and your situation.

Every family situation is unique. We will zealously advocate for you and your interests, as well as the best interests of your children. We will listen closely to you, answer your questions and work diligently to get you through this difficult period in a manner that you approve.

Focused on you and your family.

A family law dispute is often filled with tension. The attorney you choose should help calm the seas, not fuel the fires by creating more tension or engaging in over-litigating. We will protect your interests, which may include litigation, but we will do so with respect and integrity in a manner that fosters an amicable final resolution.

Your children come first.

If you have kids, this is a very tough time for them. As parents ourselves, we have experienced all the phases of child rearing. Professionally, we have seen the devastation that a stressful legal proceeding or family dispute can have on children. We will guide you through your legal dispute in a manner that minimizes the effect on your children as much as possible.

We’re strong and zealous advocates.

An amicable resolution is always the best option in any family law-related dispute. An amicable resolution does not, however, mean that your interests are not protected or that you have to “give in.” We will work hard to resolve your dispute amicably, toward a resolution that you agree is appropriate. If that is not possible, we will be a strong and zealous advocate for you through the judicial process.  

Susan D. Olson leads our family law practice with experience and compassion, along with our qualified associate Viet Hanh Winchell.

Family Law Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution

Sometimes, agreements are hard to reach. That’s when mediation can help. Susan Olson is a highly-regarded professional who can serve as a neutral mediator to help you work through the difficult process, and to reach agreements by using open communication, brainstorming and empathy.

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